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We’ve all experienced the woes of time management at work. You wake up hopeful and optimistic that you will meet all your deadlines.

Then life happens. You leave late, hit traffic, and arrive at your desk already frustrated with the world. Sitting down to finally knock out that project you’ve been procrastinating on for weeks, you realize you’ve got back-to-back meetings until noon—and yes, you’re already late for the first one.

The good news is that there are ways to reclaim those seemingly elusive lost hours of the day. It’s all about personal time management—manage your time instead of letting it control you. We’ve got 10 new time management tips for work to get you started!

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Business man trying to stop time. Man hanging on clock arrow isolated on gray office wall background. Time pressure passing past conceptFigure out how you’re currently spending your time

To optimize your personal time management, you first need to figure out where the time is going. Try diligently logging your time for a week by tracking your daily activities...

Tools like ToDoist and monday.com can help you ensure you know where your time is going and prevent procrastination!

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Workplace with tablet pc showing calendar and a cup of coffee on a wooden work table close-upCreate a daily schedule—and stick with it

This step is absolutely crucial for learning how to manage time at work. Don’t even attempt to start your day without an organized to-do list. Before you leave work for the day, create a list of the most pressing tasks for the next day. This step allows you to get going as soon as you get to the office...

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Young woman with writers block sitting in an office with a desk littered with crumpled paper as she sits looking thoughtfully into the air with her finger to her chin seeking new ideasPrioritize wisely

As you organize your to-do list, prioritization is key for successful time management at work. Start by eliminating tasks that you shouldn’t be performing in the first place. Then identify the three or four most important tasks and do those first—that way, you make sure you finish the essentials...

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Website designer working digital tablet and computer laptop with smart phone and graphics design diagram on wooden desk as concept

Group similar tasks together

Save yourself time and mental energy by trying to complete all of one type of to-do before moving on to the next. For example, create separate chunks of time for answering emails, making phone calls, filing, etc...

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Multitask business man with lots of post-itsAvoid the urge to multitask

This is one of the simplest time management tips for work, yet it can be one of the hardest to follow. Focus on the task at hand and block out all distractions. It can be tempting to multitask, but you’re just shooting yourself in the foot when you attempt to do so.

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At the end of the day, no “pro-tip” will magically make your time management woes disappear if you don’t have a foundation of good time management skills however a calendar too might...

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