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Calendar Sync via Two Way Sync, adds and removes availability in relation to confirmed bookings!

Sync Up with Two Way Sync

Keeping on track with your calendars can be a task and a half. Sometimes you get double bookings from not checking appointments and cross-referencing your main calendar; sometimes you just don't always write down the appointment in your calendar in the first place. All of that can be a thing of the past with CatchApp Bookings and the magic of syncing.


CatchApp Bookings is a genius scheduling tool that lets you fire-and-forget your appointment worries. Customers simply click on your bookings link, and they're ready to choose a time and date from your availability, cutting down the stress, and ultimately, the time it takes to set the appointment itself. If you're liking the sound of that already, sign up here.



With CatchApp Bookings, you can sync your pick of the three giants of calendars - Apple Calendar, Microsoft Calendars, and Google Calendar - just by connecting them up with your CatchApp Bookings account.



Face-to-Face Counselling Capture

The process to connect your calendars couldn't be easier, but we've made some how-tos just for this occasion to help you out with the process. Whether you're using Apple Calendar across the Apple ecosystem on your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, or if you're an Android person using Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, you can be sure that all your CatchApp appointments are synced to the calendar, so you and your clients never miss an appointment.



Not only do your appointments sync up to your calendar, but each time you add anything to your calendar - be it "Seeing Nana @ 4pm" or even blocking out a whole day on your calendar - we've got you covered by automatically removing availability from your CatchApp Bookings appointment calendar.


Google Meets Busy

When you create an event in your preferred calendar, but still have your calendar marked as free, we'll do a bit of syncing magic for you and set your availability for bookings to be free too. The same goes for if you mark it as busy; the days that you would normally have marked as 'open' will be set to 'closed' and clients will no longer be able to book with you, letting you control availability from your external calendar, or by using the CatchApp Bookings dashboard to adjust your availability too.



Not only is 2-way calendar sync super effective, with CatchApp Bookings it comes as standard with your subscription! So, unlike other competing services that charge you additional fees to switch this on, you get this included at no extra cost!


Life in the business fast lane can be easy; with CatchApp Bookings' your scheduling workflow can be the most efficient it's ever been.


CatchApp. Scheduling, genius.