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Manual vs Automated Scheduling

techworkerThe difference between manual and automatic scheduling is no different to light and day. With manual scheduling you must schedule each meeting individually which involves you and your attendees' precious time, whereas automatic scheduling does the entire scheduling for you, taking into consideration the meeting start date, the duration, and the dependencies of additions as well.

Scheduling, even if you’re scheduling a meeting at a later date, still means you are sitting down and manually inputting every single thing. For instance, if you spend every Monday morning making sure your calendar is updated to reflect your schedule that week, you’re still devoting 30 minutes to that process. Every week!


Automated Scheduling

automated scheduling

Automated scheduling systems are a method of using scheduling algorithms and rules to help multiple people manage appointments and meetings. Automated scheduling allows users to publicly share free time on their calendars while keeping specific appointments private. They tend to be more efficient than manual scheduling, but a good appointments secretary can more effectively handle some situations.


Manual Scheduling

manual schedule

The pen-and-paper method is the old way of scheduling appointments for a workgroup, in which all scheduling is funnelled through an appointments secretary with a central calendar. In this model, the people whose time is being booked must check in regularly to find out what their schedule is, and to let the secretary know what times are unavailable. With large workgroups or very busy schedules, this system can rapidly become untenable.


Why Automated is better!

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Automated schedules work very well only when all participants are committed to keeping their calendars current. When some users of the system are unaware of how to keep their calendars up-to-date, the system can fall apart. For example, in the doctor's office example above, if a doctor schedules an off-site appointment but fails to mark his travel time as unavailable, too much time will appear as available in the home office. In these cases, a combined method of computerization plus a competent appointments secretary can help keep things in order.

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