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CatchApp helps Tutors with automated scheduling and supercharging their productivity!

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moretime2Time management is an integral part of running an educational establishment.

Without it, it would be chaos!

There are many scheduling solutions, each providing tools that help professionals manage their time effectively. However, not all help those in setting up or understanding the core benefits they provide, which may make it difficult to effectively reap all the benefits and save time.




Vicky, a University of Hertfordshire Tutor said, "We are quite a large diverse team that needs something automated. Actually getting together and chatting was too difficult as none of us could manage it, not to mention interacting with our students directly!"

Vicky tried various solutions, but none had great customer support like CatchApp Bookings; we helped every step of the way.




She was shocked with how easy the set-up was and how she was able to get her team to set up in minutes!

"The set up was simple, I have shown 2 other staff in my team which they've set up in 5 mins thanks to the straightforward design and layout. Very intuitive."

Any assistance required from Vicky was quickly attended by the CatchApp team who was able to help her personalise her booking experience




That's why Vicky from the University of Hertfordshire needed an easy solution that guides her through the process, so she can support as many students as possible in half the time by automating her administrative tasks!

Vicky is expecting to receive a huge volume of bookings every month, and CatchApp will save 7 minutes per studentwhich adds up to a total of 18 hours saved per month! This time-saving will allow her to manage her time effectively for her students and class materials! 


She recommends CatchApp to any Tutor looking for easy but powerful scheduling automation with excellent customer support!


Vicky highlighted "The Support I received from the CatchApp team was great! They helped us embed it within our system and got us ready to roll out to our students. Absolutely phenomenal".


Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. 

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