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Smart Scheduling for Professionals

Alexis wanted to have more qualified meetings for his business - Video Creation.

Bookings were taking too long to confirm and the details were always complicated to verify.

Furthermore, when he was able to confirm appointments it was a gamble whether these clients were serious to move projects forward (or not)!

Alexis is responsible for Creative meetings while his partner Vincent is taking care of Exploratory Sales meetings and they were both experiencing these issues.

Then Alexis found the solution to their problem - CatchApp Bookings

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Needing something that could help double his bookings, increase customer retention and boost his brand image - CatchApp Bookings was the answer that he was looking for!




With Screenshot 2022-03-24 141826CatchApp Bookings in the picture, Alexis states his "time taken to book qualified appointments has reduced by 80%" and allows "him and his business to be more professional".

His favourite feature is the professional bookings pages he creates for scheduling appointments.

Vincent and Alexis have both benefitted from being able to automate workflows associated with appointments booked through CatchApp.




Alexis stated that the "platform is direct, to the point and most importantly time-saving with the added benefit of making us look really professional in front of our clients".

Alexis was able to set up the platform in less than 15 minutes and was extremely happy with the support to refine his booking experience.

With built-in reminders and qualifying questions, Alexis' turn up rate and quality of meetings have increased by 90%.


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Alexis couldn't be happier with the product, stating "it's perfect for freelancers, SMEs and big businesses and anyone trying to streamline their booking process and productivity"

Alexis & team strongly recommend CatchApp 🚀




Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be difficult. With CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Sign up here to get started.

CatchApp. Scheduling, genius.