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Add a Guest to your Bookings

Meetings are most successful when all of the right people are included, informed and prepared. We’re committed to making that happen every time for you. Now, as your invitee schedules a meeting with you, they will be able to Add a Guest — Check this quick video 👇

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Our Add a Guest feature lets your attendees invite unlimited extra attendees when they are making their booking. You can activate this directly via Event Types under Advanced Event Settings and this will be applied to your specific booking page when you save changes!
Now every time your attendee books a time with you, they will have the option to choose to invite others to their meetings. This would mean multiple participants can be added to the meeting event which you are able to manage effectively. This also includes rescheduling or cancelling the event, plus reminders too. The only thing your attendee needs to do is click Add Another Guest to add more than 1 guest to the booking.


  • Hosting any type of meeting where it’s common to have more than one guest, you and your invitees will love this feature
  • For sales reps selling to teams, your prospect will appreciate the ease of adding their team to demos, instead of waiting for the calendar invitation to come through and forwarding it to the people on their team.
  • You’ll also have visibility into everyone attending the meeting so that you can sell more effectively.
  • You’ll benefit from all invitees receiving meeting notifications and reminders, so everyone will show up and there won’t be additional coordination required if the meeting needs to be rescheduled.
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