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How we save you time

Appointment scheduling is a big part of any business, be it a small independent, or a large multi-national company. It takes up a lot of time - sometimes days - just to organise an appointment that ultimately could only take an hour to finish up. That's where we come in.

CatchApp Bookings is a smart meeting and appointment scheduling tool that saves you time by providing clients a simple way to book, without the hassle of having to chase people up or send email after email to find a date that works for both of you. If you love the sound of that already, sign up for a trial here! Keep reading to find out more about how CatchApp Bookings works.


The 'My Event Types' page lets you create separate Support_Availability (150x100)@2xavailabilities for specific services or meetings that your clients can book into. It allows you to pick which days you make your calendar available for customers to book into, and whichever days you pick, CatchApp Bookings only shows those specific days available to be booked on your event bookings link. As an example, if you're a tutor you may only teach maths on Mondays and Wednesdays, but English on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can choose the appointment lengths on those specific days with increments of 15 minutes up to an hour. Check out more information about them here.


Support_Payments (236x180px)@2x

When you edit your event types you can also choose to add a prepayment option integrated with your Stripe account. You'll never miss out on being paid for your services when you use CatchApp Bookings. If you're a cognitive behavioral therapist for example, you can choose to have your clients book through CatchApp, making sure that they pay upfront after they've chosen a date and time on your availability. Pre-payment and how much you're being paid can be changed any time.



You choose the location; all it takes is putting in the name of the place you'd like to meet, and your availability for those events will include a location too. If you're using video conferencing applications like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, or Skype, CatchApp Bookings integrates with these to create a new room each time you've got a new client, so you don't have to worry about the wrong client coming into the wrong room.

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SMS reminders can also be switched on from the 'Edit events' page, letting your clients add in their mobile number to make sure they get notified 24 hours and 2 hours before a scheduled appointment. This massively cuts down no-shows!


Edit your availability drop


CatchApp Bookings splits your calendar up so you can easily see your availability for the month based on whichever event type you've select. Seeing your availability like this means you can quickly view and edit whichever days you like. If you only choose to edit one day, but quickly realise that you've got to take your car to the garage on a different day, just click another date and add in or remove some availability.



What the customer sees 2

We generate multiple links that you can choose to give to your clients so they can organise an appointment with you, or - if you offer multiple services - you can send your clients your main bookings link so they can choose which event or service they'd like to book with you. All you need to do is send your link, and forget about the rest.

No more sending email after email for days on end. With a fire-and-forget system like this, CatchApp Bookings can save you one month of total time each year. That's one month of time that you can get back to doing the things you love.

When you give your customers your event bookings link, they see your availability on the date they select for the event or service your giving them; nothing more, nothing less. Your privacy is a top priority for us at CatchApp, so the only person that gets to see your appointments, edit your availabilities, and edit your event types is you.




Embedded catchapp drop



Each event type gets its own link so you don't have to worry about clients choosing the wrong service or appointment type. All you have to do is copy the link in your 'Links and Sharing' page and paste it to wherever it needs to, or to whoever needs to have it. Alternatively, you can have you bookings embedded directly into your website, using our code to show your clients an interactive CatchApp Bookings scheduler directly on your website.



My bookings



When you've got appointments rolling in, it can often be difficult to track them. The 'My bookings' page lets you clearly see when you've got appointments, with the options to reschedule or cancel them with just one click. Cancelling an appointment also gives you the option to include a message with the email notification to let your clients know that "it's not you, its me".


calendar view


You can configure your profile from the settings tab, letting you choose a name and picture to show the best parts of your brand (that's you!) to appear on your bookings link. When you select the country and relevant time-zone, accepted appointments by invitees in different time-zones will show in your time-zone on your appointments list.


Also in the settings tab is an integrations configuration feature. From here you can connect CatchApp to whichever calendar you use the most, whether that's Google, Apple, or Microsoft calendar, so that any appointments that get accepted automatically get synced up to your calendar, making sure you never double-book.

We also have some pretty nifty integrations with Zapier (Read more about that here) that lets you connect CatchApp Bookings with over 3900 other applications, and monday.com (check that out here) to really boost your scheduling and planning efficiency.



Our goal at CatchApp is to make scheduling appointments a stress-free task that takes no time at all, and with Bookings you can achieve that goal. We're easy to reach if you need an extra hand with our live help-chat, as well as by email on info@catchapp.mobi, so no need to worry about long wait times for a simple fix.

If you're ready to upgrade your appointment scheduling, and take the stress and time out of organising appointments, get a free CatchApp Bookings account here.


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