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Automation supercharges various businesses with BPA - Business Process Automation

The Power of Automation

Automation is a key technology in today's growing tech business markets. Any business with clear and repeatable steps can be automated. From email marketing to calendar syncing, document approval to invoicing, anything that would normally be repeated almost evey day at the detriment to the company's time can have it's efficiency boosted with automation applications and tools. According to a McKinsey report, 60% of jobs could save up to 30% of their time with automation.



There are an unbelievable array of benefits to businesses from the use of automation; increased productivity and demand, better customer experiences and market performance, the benefits of automation can be found in almost every part of a modern business.This has made it the fastest-growing segment of the enterprise software market in the past few years.


Automation saves you and your employees' time. Office workers spend up to 2.5 hours per day on admin tasks that could be reduced with the use of automation - processes such as searching for information, approving paperwork, and processing documents. BPA (business process automation) can complete tasks like these faster and largely error-free, meaning your business can use it's time better.

Money in Wallet

BPA reduces cost. Organisations lose 20-30% of revenue each year due to inefficient processes. Making the change from manual to automated processes allows an almost complete error reduction as human error is removed from the equation, this way people don't miss out on potential investor appointments, important client appointments, and general data entry.


More and more businesses have been increasingly automating their processes over the past decade. Nowadays, automation in business is only gaining momentum and shows no signs of stopping. According to bi-survey, automating general processes can drive down overall costs by 10% and increase overall profit by 8%.


Process automation is not only about making human error a thing of the past. The automation of business processes using software solutions allows for increased productivity accross the board. Multiple processes can be handle simultaneously, letting you focus on revenue-generation.

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CatchApp Bookings utilises automation to sync your calendars, update availability, provide your clients with email and text reminders, and is used within the company as well to make it a well-oiled machine.




Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be so difficult. With CatchApp Bookings, you can connect the software you're using to your account, and your scheduling can be automated to work for you. Sign up here to get started.

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