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Qualifying Questions

Qualifying your meetings is the best way to get the outcomes you desire.

However, what is the best way to do it?

Well, simple, apply Qualifying Questions to your Booking link and you're sorted!


With Qualifying Questions, you can be better prepared for your meeting and increase success for both you and your client.


Qualifying Questions located under Event Types, allow users to enable and input the number of questions they would like to provide to their clients. Once you applied your changes, before the attendee can confirm the session, they will need to answer your questions which will be provided on the My Bookings page with all the information you need to qualify!



  • Properly Qualify the right clients to support in their customer journey
  • Be Prepared for Upcoming Meetings by understanding your client's needs
  • Get the best information to push for the best outcomes for you and your clients

To learn more about this Feature, check out our guide here!


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