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Are Afternoon Meetings effective?

The time of day you plan to have meetings is very important because timing is everything. There is usually a lot to do and not enough time in the day!

Particularly on a weekday. At times, it may seem as though we only sit down at our desks and the day is virtually done. This is especially true if your day is jam-packed with meetings. Your meetings on your calendar should be productive if you want your workday to be as productive as possible!

As discussed in our previous blog, what time should you schedule meetings? Is Afternoons effective?


19% believe it is best to hold meetings in the afternoon


Are Afternoons really effective to hold meetings?

Our research indicates that in an end-of-day meeting, it’s common for attendees to feel anxious and watch the clock tick until it’s time for them to call it a day and log off. Steer clear of this time slot unless it’s the only time available or something is urgent. Afternoon meetings are usually best for internal meetings, but for external, it may be difficult to pull off.


Benefits of Afternoon Meetings

But what are the benefits of holding a meeting in the Afternoon?

  • Best time to speak to Busy people

Speaking to clients with very packed schedules can be hard to manage, but usually, afternoons are the most ideal as that's when the storm of meetings comes to a decline to a little number of them.

  • Chance for follow-up & recurring meetings

This time period can open up opportunities for follow-ups in case you can't fit in during the day and is beneficial if you want to meet your clients on a specific day, regardless if it's a busy day or not, allowing for the meeting to be recurring without it overlapping on other meetings.


Set-backs of Afternoon Meetings

Afternoon meetings might have their perks but it's not for everyone, here's why:

  • Everyone is ready to call it a Day

This may be one of the most controversial times to hold a meeting, everyone has finished their 9 to 5 and doesn't feel like attending another meeting after a long day. Most likely your clients won't favour this time as much as others.

  • You are not running at full capacity

Research shows that our brains make poorer quality decisions in the afternoon, compared to the morning which can affect the outcomes of the meeting and can set you back negatively from obtaining your goals and put you at risk of losing your customer engagement.


In reality, there is no perfect timing when you schedule meetings, it all depends on how critical and important the meeting is. The most important should be reserved for later in the day, preferably afternoons while easier meetings should be done earlier on to get off your desk. Booking into too early or too late is not favourable for anyone so desirable times consist of late mornings and afternoons.


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