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Are Lunch Meetings effective?

The time of day you plan to have meetings is very important because timing is everything. There is usually a lot to do and not enough time in the day!

Particularly on a weekday. At times, it may seem as though we only sit down at our desks and the day is virtually done. This is especially true if your day is jam-packed with meetings. Your meetings on your calendar should be productive if you want your workday to be as productive as possible!

As discussed in our previous blog, what time should you schedule meetings? Is Lunch effective?


1 in 20 people schedule their meetings during lunch hour


Are Lunch really effective to hold meetings?

Our research indicates that lunch meetings allow for a more personal session between you and your client and allows for a more natural engagement that is more flexible during lunch hour and not at any other time. Consider taking advantage of the fact that these should start with a fun icebreaker where people share if they’re enjoying anything particularly exciting or delicious over lunch.


Benefits of Lunch Meetings

But what are the benefits of holding a meeting during Lunch-hour?

  • A personal approach leads to more client retention

A lunch meeting creates a more casual environment for sharing common interests and values that strengthen business relationships. In a business setting, sharing personal information can be weird and, at worst, inappropriate. But part of the joy of the business lunch is getting to know each other a little more.

  • Go the extra mile to get the edge on your competitors

The best thing about a fantastic business lunch is that it's memorable! While others might settle for a quick meeting, taking the time to impress and get to know your potential clients can pay off in dividends! Not only will you stick in their mind much more, but you are already showing your willingness to go the extra mile for their business.


Set-backs of Lunch Meetings

Lunch meetings might have their perks but it's not for everyone, here's why:

  • Not everyone wants to be in a meeting

Lunch hour holds a special place in others' hearts, that's why it shouldn't be your go-to in every meeting you set up and go to. If you don’t value your own time, no one else will! Is there a better use of your time than attending that meeting? Often we’re scheduling meetings during lunch because other time slots are booked.

  • No one is available during lunch hour (often)

Most likely, others will have to block out their availability during lunch hour due to them creating a lunch-time appointment on their calendar and mark it “busy.” This makes it very difficult to organise a meeting if this is not the ideal time for most people.


In reality, there is no perfect timing when you schedule meetings, it all depends on how critical and important the meeting is. The most important should be reserved for later in the day, preferably afternoons while easier meetings should be done earlier on to get off your desk. Booking into too early or too late is not favourable for anyone so desirable times consist of late mornings and afternoons.


No matter what time you prefer your meetings, CatchApp Bookings enables professionals to allocate their best availability for meetings easily in a matter of clicks!