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Why has professional productivity increased by 60% since the Pandemic?

As the pandemic's worst days are behind us, productivity-boosting efforts are at an all-time high!

Businesses quickly switched to online channels, automated manufacturing processes, improved operational effectiveness, and accelerated decision-making and operating model innovation.

This may be more than twice the pace of yearly productivity increase, which will revolutionise the way work is carried out.


Why has professional productivity increased by 60% since the Pandemic?


How Professionals' Productivity is improving

In recent years, Professionals adopted lots of new methods and solutions for their tasks and objectives, which helped boost the amount of workload done in a day and week.

Some improvements are:

  • Stronger Communication in and out of the Office
  • Automations taking care of the background tasks
  • Teams are even more efficient with excellent project management solutions
  • Better time schedule throughout the day (Greater Organisation)
  • Improved personal wellbeing

Why are Businesses pushing for more Productivity?


During the pandemic, when economic activity plummeted, many businesses made risky decisions that could ultimately change the course of their operations. Organizations grew more effective and nimble, and many businesses and professionals went online for the first time as a result of certain companies' accelerated digitalization like video conferencing tools like Zoom.

The potential exists to significantly increase the rate of productivity growth across the economy thanks to advancements in a variety of automations that have increased productivity in the past such as Zapier.


What are you and your Business doing to be a part of this Growth?

The productivity benefits of post-covid productivity appear to have increased after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, with employers now more likely to say that the shift to homeworking has boosted productivity (33%) than they were in June 2020 (28%), even when back to the office.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from this growth:

  • Limit and Track Time Effectively

Keeping track and limiting the amount of time you spend on each task will help you get the most out of your workload without falling behind.

  • Set Deadlines Approiately & Fairly

Properly setting deadlines will help set the urgency on what tasks need to be done without putting smaller tasks at the front lines.

  • Take Breaks (regularly)

Overworking can slow down progress, not speed it up. Having a regular break every so often will help keep your energy for the entire day so you can stay in line with what you have planned to do.

  • Manage Or Simply Avoid Meetings

By taking care of your meetings throughout the day, you can allocate time to better things such as completing important projects or removing any outstanding tasks.

  • Avoid Multitasking

You're only human, let automation take care of the extra stuff.

  • Do Small Tasks Immediately

Get all of the easy stuff out of the way so you feel you've done more in your workload and get put more focus on bigger tasks than worrying about the little ones.

  • Minimize Interruptions And Distractions

Ensure you have peace of mind, remove anything that can impact your flow of work and be efficient in any environment you're in.


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