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How to keep up with the 69.7% increase in meetings (for Professionals)

How to exceed the 69.7% increase in success professionally

Meetings are an essential part of success for professionals, but many people have felt the strain of managing a heavy meeting load while trying to balance their own work and priorities.



Since February 2020, the number of meetings has increased by a staggering 69.7%. At that time, the average number of meetings per week was 15.1, and it now stands at a massive 25.6 meetings per week!



In 20 months, the average number of meetings professionals are having has increased by nearly 70%. This means that professionals are forced to create an additional 7 hours in their schedules each week just to accommodate these meeting demands, like organising the meeting, preparing the meeting and even attending the meeting.

And, this increase happened while organizations are adopting more automated and integrated tools to optimise professionals' productivity and increase success... This is without mentioning the increase of remote workers and the necessity for meetings to stay connected as a team!

What does this mean for Professionals?

With this rising trend, Professionals are attending more meetings than they did pre-pandemic. This means on average, professionals are spending 21.5 hours in meetings each week. That's over half of the standard 40-hour workweek!


Reclaim.Ai's analysis found that 1-on-1 meetings have increased by over 500% since before the pandemic when professionals used to average just 0.9 per week. This is necessary on many levels, to increase team productivity, and customer communication, and to drive forward new businesses.

Why is the World Changing like this?

The pandemic redefined how professionals view the future of work and are prioritizing freedom in the modern workplace. This includes having full control and flexibility over their schedule.

In order to do so, they need tools to help adapt to the new ways of working which is critical -- including automated calendar tools that can help schedule, reschedule, and coordinate meetings so professionals can focus on other critical tasks.

How to cope with this increase?

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it’s important to remember that our calendars are truly unrecognizable from what they were just 20 short months ago before the global shift.

Incredible technologies have emerged and matured to support communication and scheduling across distributed teams, and we need to lean into these advancements to navigate our complex work environments.

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