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Technology is everywhere – in our homes, at work, at the supermarket, and in schools.

In fact, according to Ofcom, the average adult in the UK spends over 9 hours a day using online media and communication - overtaking time spent sleeping or doing any other tasks.

As you're reading this article online, you're probably guilty of this, but there are still some (often more senior) members of society who object to technology or are even afraid of it. But why?




What is technophobia?
Like other phobias, technophobes suffer from an irrational fear of technology that can hinder their everyday lives. Technophobes may not own a mobile phone, refuse to use ATMs, or avoid computers – they live their lives without any form of modern technology.




Why are people afraid?
People tend to fear things they're dependent on, but have little control over – and that's almost a perfect description of the technology.

You can't go 24 hours these days without using technology, but we don’t have a clue how any of our gadgets work.




How can technophobes feel at ease?
It's all about information. Like we said before, most technophobes are only afraid of technology because they don't know how it works. So the solution is simple – choose a user-friendly software or device and explain how it works.



personal assistantHow can CatchApp help?
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