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CatchApp Bookings' integration page

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Integrations are a major part of what makes CatchApp Bookings great. With over 3000 integrations like Salesforce, Intercom, and HubSpot, plus direct integrations with monday.com, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and the titans of calendar applications, we wanted to make it easier to do more with CatchApp Bookings.

Integrations Page

From the integrations page you can easily access integrations for your calendars, video conferencing, CRM platforms, and a list of popular CatchApp Zaps courtesy of the folks at Zapier. We've also condensed the Microsoft Calendar integrations into one easy-to-use integration. Simply input your microsoft account's email address and click the connect button, then follow these steps. Connecting with Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar is just as easy.

Integrations with video conferencing like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, payment gateways such as Stripe, and CRM platforms like monday.com and Salesforce are just as easy and you can find a list of them here on our integrations page.


Integrations can be easy to set up with CatchApp Bookings because we let you cut straight to the chase, so we can help save you time and create the most efficient workflow possible.


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