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CatchApp's favourite places in London this holiday season

As the year comes to a close and we all take time to spend with our loved ones, sometimes copious amounts of food, booze, and joy can get in the way of seeing what the UKs capital has to offer. As our business' headquarters and a fair few of our team are situated in and around London, we thought we'd give you a run down of some of our favourite places to go during this holiday period!

Winter Wonderland 2021 in Hyde Park - Christmas - visitlondon.com

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland

One of London's best known attractions during the holidays is Winter Wonderland. There's no possible way to pass Hyde Park from mid-November to early January without visiting this spectacle! With over 100 rides, live shows, numerous bars, figure skating and a circus, this is something you can't miss, and it's good fun for the whole family.


Best things to do at Kew this winter | KewKew Gardens

On the more subdued side of things is Kew Gardens. With it's beautiful light display every year of over 1 million lights intertwined into the branches and it's tunnel of bells, this attraction can really bring out the festive spirit in any Grinch or Scrooge!


Natural History Museum Ice Rink - Christmas - visitlondon.comNatural History Museum

Now I know what you're thinking; Jack, in what world do you live in where a history museum is festive? Well all the dinosaurs are wearing Santa hats of course! No, I jest - there's one of London's biggest ice skating rinks situated on the grounds! As an avid lover of falling over on ice then declaring myself as an Olympic figure-skater, I can't recommend this enough.


South Bank Christmas Market Has Returned For Festive Fun This WinterSouthbank Centre's Winter Market

If the prospect of even more mulled wine doesn't take your fancy, then handmade gifts, hot drinks, and plenty of food should. Southbank Centre's Winter Market is a great place to go for gifts that show how much you care. I'm looking at you, unwanted pair of Christmas socks...


The Churchill Arms - Fuller's Pub and Restaurant in LondonChurchill Arms

This one may not be as much fun for the kids of the family, but the Churchill Arms is a great place to go for a drink during the festive holiday time. Usually spending around £25,000 on flowers each year, the Churchill Arms replaces these with Christmas trees and a litany of decorations. Depending on how much you drink, it can't get more jolly than this!