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monday.com Integration new Oauth Login

When we integrated with monday.com, our main goal was to make CatchApp Bookings easier to access within your tech stack, boosting your productivity and scheduling!

With the OAuth Login, replacing the previous API key method now allows users to integrate their accounts even faster with no extra steps required.



All that is needed now is to log in (or sign up) to CatchApp and you will be automatically linked with your monday boards.

Saving you an extra 5-10 minutes of set-up.




analysing dataAutomation is the future of an efficient workplace and business, and this smooth integration means that you don't even need to add the meetings manually to your dashboard. Every Zoom call meeting is right there on your monday.com dashboard as soon as your client, colleague - or even family member - chooses the timeslot.




With all your projects being tracked on your team's monday.com dashboard, CatchApp is the perfect addition. All the scheduling super-powers for your meetings and appointments are connected to monday.com's powerful CRM and project management right there for you to see. No hunting around in and out of various apps interrupting your flow!


CatchApp alone saves professionals an estimated one month of time per year, think how much time you can save when you've got your workday's schedule right in front of you. Now that we've joined forces with monday.com, your meetings and schedules can be viewed directly from your dashboard, streamlining the process, so all you have to do is turn up!


For more details on using monday.com and CatchApp Booking as a CRM platform, check out our blog here.