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Add more options to control your availability for your clients!

Advanced Event Settings

Scheduling appointments effectively with your clientele when you're both busy people can be challenging; having to go back and forth to decide on a time and date that works best for both of you - it can take hours, even days before an appointment's set. This is where CatchApp Bookings can help you make the most out of your days, utilising our advanced event settings.


Event types let you make bespoke appointment types for the services you provide or the appointments you want to make available to your clients. They let you choose your location, the duration of your appointments, and what date and time they're available. But, with our new advanced settings, you now have more customisability to offer even more effective appointments; buffers, repeatable timeslots, SMS reminders, appointment notes, and payments.

Advanced Event Settings


Availability Control lets you keep whichever event type you choose open and available on your bookings page for a specific time, with 30 days being the default option. If you want to have an appointment available as a one-time offer, selecting one day from the selection, and then inputting zero in your availability control means that you won't have to manually remove the repeated appointment offering from your bookings page. On the opposite side of things, you could input 120 to let that appointment be available for three months.


Buffers are a great addition to CatchApp Bookings. The way these work is through only allowing bookings to be made after the amount of time you put in from the current time. For example, if it's 12:30 and you set your buffer to be 1 hour, you'll only accept bookings from 13:30 onwards.


SMS reminders help users to create a reminder chain through text messages that they can opt-in to in order to let their customers receive automatic text reminders from CatchApp Bookings about your appointment. SMS reminders are often more effective as your invitee may be away from their desk, not able to immediately see the email reminders.


Additional questions let you ask your invitee for any additional information that you might require to. Asking additional questions really lets you make your appointments more bespoke for each client.


Prepayments let you charge for your services or appointments. Whether you're a personal accountant, counsellor, session musician, or tutor, with prepayments enabled on your event types, you'll never miss a payment. Prepayments work through Stripe. Learn how to set that up here.


Life in the business fast lane can be easy; with CatchApp Bookings' your scheduling workflow can be the most efficient it's ever been. Sign up here to get started.

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