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Customize your Booking Notes

CatchApp is always making sure that our customers can get the most out of their scheduling experience and help supercharge their clients' booking experience too!

That's why with our customization update to Booking pages, we wanted to make your Booking pages feel more personal and professional when a client is booking with you.

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CatchApp Bookings is a genius scheduling tool that lets you fire-and-forget your appointment worries. Customers simply click on your bookings link, and they're ready to choose a time and date from your availability, cutting down the stress, and ultimately, the time it takes to set the appointment itself, leaving you with up to one month of freed up time each year. If you're liking the sound of that already, sign up here.


Edit your Appointment Description to anything that you want, this appears underneath your Business name and can be your Profession + Company, asking your attendees to book a time or anything else, the choice is yours!

The main improvement from this update is the advanced expansion of Appointment Notes which now supports Rich Text writing, Bullet and Numbered point lists, hyperlinking and attaching images. Users can redo or undo actions easily too and are able to customise their Booking Pages to their liking, appropriate for their meetings and needs.


  • Add some style to the standard boring text to make your notes stand out
  • Hyperlink to important links such as your official website, Google/Microsoft files, etc.
  • Add Branding, such as your Company Logo
  • Bullet Point important highlights for the meeting - even numbered too (e.g. Rules)
  • Organise your Appointment Notes with Headers and Horizontal rules for sections
 Feel like styling your page? Learn how to set it up here!

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