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Adjust availability any time of the week, Monday to Sunday effortlessly and easily!

Cut down on editing times with Adjust Availability by Day

Routine is an important aspect of high-efficiency working, and setting up appointments should reflect that. If you're in a rush as you're setting up your event-types, you don't want to accidentally make yourself available during a time that you know you won't be available in, and having to manually add in your availabilities can be time consuming. That's why we've added the ability to customise your event type's availability as you make it. 


CatchApp Bookings is a genius scheduling tool that lets you fire-and-forget your appointment worries. Customers simply click on your bookings link, and they're ready to choose a time and date from your availability, cutting down the stress, and ultimately, the time it takes to set the appointment itself, leaving you with up to one month of freed up time each year. If you're liking the sound of that already, sign up here.

Customize by day-2

The new adjust availability by day feature lets you choose a day that you want to be available to take bookings, and then add specific times that you're available, cutting out the need to add that yourself after you've made the event-type, whilst also maintaining a recurring set of availabilities
Customize by day 2-2
All you need to do is create a new event-type, and tick the "Adjust availability by day" box. Select a day you want to be available, add in your first time, and click the orange '+' button to add in another available time. It's simple, quick, and a great way to cut down on the time you spend editing your availability!

Life in the business fast lane can be easy; with CatchApp Bookings your scheduling workflow can be the most efficient it's ever been.


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