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A sales lead finding scheduling bliss!


Jess is a sales lead responsible for engaging as many prospects as possible and converting them into customers.

She was finding that the majority of her time was spent on scheduling admin for appointments with prospects. Additionally, she felt that the sales cycles were too long.

She wanted to spend more time in meetings, with more prospects and delivering more results for her company.


Jess needed a solution to speed up the admin processes of Scheduling meetings with current and potential clients. Jess heard about CatchApp Bookings from one of her colleagues, tried it out, and found it was exactly what she was looking for!




Her personalised onboarding took 15 minutes, and a helpful CatchApp expert helped her on Zoom to set up everything perfectly.

Jess set up her first Event Type, which would automate her admin process for scheduling, and set up several others; each for a different type of meeting. One for brief 15-minute calls, another for 30-minute intro calls over Zoom, and one more for her clients, to book time with her anytime they needed support.

She organized her availability with ease, adjusting them to fit her busy schedule, and the preferred times she'd like to share.






Once she created her ideal event types, she started sharing links, adding them to her profile on the company website, to her Linkedin, and to her email signature.

Jess estimates she's saving around one hour a day!

Jess has been able to boost her productivity by ~90% and reduce the sales cycle time by at least 20%


Jess is very happy with the number of bookings she is receiving, especially because it is automated and gives her more time to focus on other tasks like reaching out to more prospects and speaking to clients.

She strongly recommends CatchApp Bookings 😍


Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be so difficult. With CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible!

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