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Marketing Greatness with Smart Scheduling

money1.2Marketing is an art; it takes a lot of time and dedication for the best results.

This means everyone involved has to be on the same page to effectively deliver and meet deadlines.


Todd is a Marketing Lead in a payments solution provider, and is responsible for managing his team on the road to success.

Without fail, Todd has to ensure meetings with everyone within the project are easily manageable throughout the week and each meeting is qualified - without falling behind on objectives.

Searching for simple automation that can handle his availability without 3rd party that offered a range of features, he found CatchApp Bookings to be the most straightforward.





Onboarding didn't break a sweat for Todd as he mentions the experience as “Very easy, no learning curve or difficulties."

He really liked the fact that each appointment he created can be easily shared individually or as a whole, allowing him to be flexible for any type of meeting.





He was able to “save ½ an hour setting per appointment" which now enables him to utilise this time for completing projects which boosted his team's productivity by 200%, resulting in more projects getting delivered quicker and the team being better aligned.

One of the things Todd vocally said really made a difference was Qualifying Questions which enabled him to set a specific agenda of the meeting that allowed him to "retrieve answers from my team to get a better understanding of what to expect from our appointment.

As Todd and his team use a lot of tools, he really enjoyed integrating CatchApp with Zapier automations. He was able to connect with various CRMs, project management, and other marketing tools directly with his scheduling!

He saw a significantly noticeable improvement in the completion of projects and the time it took for objectives using CatchApp.


Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. 

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