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Ian Morgan, a business mentor for numerous blue chip clients, regularly meets with large volume high-growth companies, which can be a daunting task when trying to organize appointments. To save time and increase efficiency, Ian sought a scheduling solution that could help him easily organize multiple appointments with different companies.



The solution he needed would allow him to share his availability and allow others to book meetings at their convenience. Ian’s goal was to save time and make the appointment scheduling process more efficient rather than the time absorbing process of liaising with large project teams to identify an option that suits all. This is how he discovered CatchApp Bookings.




Ian liked CatchApp because of its flawless integration with his workflow. He loved how simple it was to share his availability with others and how quick it was to set up specific meetings. He also appreciated the fact that CatchApp was easy to use and had a user-friendly interface.

It also allowed meetings to be scheduled by others within Tektup.




Setting up on a scheduler was a breeze for Ian. He was able to create his own event type and customize his scheduling preferences. The integration with his calendar made it easy for him and others within Tektup, to manage his appointments and keep track of his schedule. The standout features of schedulers, such as links and sharing, made it easy for him to send out his booking page via email invitations, and he is now considering embedding it on his website.


Using an Appointment Scheduler has had a measurable impact on Ian’s business. It has saved him 80% of the time lost in organizing appointments. Now, it only takes him half an hour to create an appointment schedule, allowing him to be more efficient with multiple appointments.

 He loves the ease of links and sharing, and how easy it is to set up specific meetings. He also appreciates the fact that Schedulers integrates seamlessly with his calendar, making it easy for him to manage his schedule.




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Although there are some areas for improvement, such as the ability to create one-off meetings and more flexible date ranges, CatchApp has proven to be a valuable tool for Ian’s business.



In his closing statement, he said "As a business mentor, I needed a scheduling solution that would allow me to easily organize multiple appointments with different companies. Automating Scheduling has saved me 80% of the time previously spent organizing appointments, which has allowed me to be more efficient and free up time to focus on value-adding activities, and has empowered my clients to optimise the schedule that suits them best.  It’s a win-win situation for all”.


He recommends CatchApp to anyone looking for a scheduling solution that can help make the appointment scheduling process more efficient and manageable



Life in the business fast-lane doesn't always have to be so difficult, but with CatchApp Bookings, your scheduling can be taken care of in the most efficient way possible. Sign up here to get started.

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