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Connect with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to generate a Room link

Appointments with Video Conferencing

Once upon a time before COVID-19, if you were meeting with international clients, occasionally you'd need to Skype them, but oftentimes, physical face-to-face meetings were a norm. Nowadays, things have changed; it's strange to suggest physical meetings, and we've realised that it's not always the best use of time or money.


At CatchApp, video conferencing applications make our jobs from an array of countries across the world so much easier, so we've integrated with some big names to make your jobs easier, and to let your business flourish. If we've already lured you in with video conferencing on CatchApp Bookings, sign up here and check it out.



CatchApp Bookings lets you set your location to either Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. When your clients book an appointment via your CatchApp Bookings link with any of these video conferencing tools selected, a room is made specifically for you and your client that can be accessed by anyone with the link. Each time a client makes a booking with you, a new room is created, so the only people that can access it are you and your client. No more unexpected faces appearing.




Setting up your connections to all three is as easy as pie. All you need to do is go to your settings on the CatchApp Bookings Dashboard, navigate to 'Integrations' and then 'Video conferencing' and click connect on any or all of them, just make sure you have an account with Google, Zoom, or Microsoft beforehand so they can link up.


Once you've connected your favourite conferencing call tools, create an event type in 'My event types' and select MS Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom from the location drop down menu, and CatchApp Bookings' integration will do the rest for you.


The email and text reminders that you and your client can receive will have the link for your rooms on there, so all you need to do is go to your respective video conferencing tool's dashboard and click the link from there, or simply click on the link in the email.


Life in the business fast lane can be easy; with CatchApp Bookings' integration with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft teams, your scheduling workflow can be the most efficient it's ever been. Sign up here to get started.

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