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5 tools to help you schedule smarter

Time is without a shadow of a doubt a precious resource. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Scheduling is a great way to make sure that you're using the time you have in a day in an effective way. Of course, it doesn't add on extra hours to your day, but it can definitely feel like that. Utilising modern tools to alleviate some of the challenges with scheduling can really free up your time.


1. CatchApp Bookings


Chotto 1st Screen-2It would be a little bit weird if CatchApp Bookings wasn't mentioned. That's why you're here! CatchApp lets you create a bookable calendar for your meetings and appointments, and lets you fill your schedule efficiently. If you're having eight meetings a week for a whole year (except when you're out of office, of course), CatchApp saves you up to one month of time that would usually be spent organising meetings, rearranging, and following up on RSVPs.

CatchApp Bookings is also integrated directly with monday.com and Zapier, plus a host of video conferencing and calendar apps, so you can automate some of the more repetitive aspects of appointment scheduling.  Want to make scheduling hassle-free? Sign up and get an account here.


2. Evernote


Evernote is at the top of the note-taking game. Available on iOS and Android, with apps available from the App Store on Macs, the Microsoft Store on Windows PC, and functionality for Linux currently in the works, you can take productivity and time-saving by storm.

Evernote does more than just letting you take notes down; with in-built scan-from-text to any document, project planning, app integrations, web clipping, a powerful search function, and so much more.



3. Xero


Xero is an automatic accounting tool with HMRC-recognised tax software for small-businesses, and accounting software for (you guessed it!) accountants and book keepers.

Xero calculates VAT and files VAT returns online securely with HMRC using software that’s compatible with HMRC systems. It also lets you Track and pay bills on time, and get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow, plus so much more!


4. monday.com



monday.com is a great way to boost how well you schedule your time. It’s a simple, but intuitive, work operating system for teams of any size to shape workflows, adjust to changing needs, create transparency, connect collaboratively from anywhere, and stop doing manual grunt work.


You can construct your applications to meet your specific operational requirements and make your platform unbelievably valuable. From precise project planning to detailed jargon, the platform naturally modifies itself to be ‘to each their own.’


5. Trello

trello board


Trello is at the forefront of collaborative project management. Built for SMEs (small-medium enterprises), Trello lets you create board, lists, and cards that you can customize and expand with more features as your teamwork grows. Manage projects, organize tasks, and build team spirit—all in one place.

If you're wanting to add a layer of transparency to your business too (i.e. if you're a SaaS business) then any Trello board you create can be shared via link to let your users see what's in the works and what they can look forward to, even letting them add feedback directly to your boads if you'd like.


Taking scheduling and making it work for you can seem like a mountain to overcome, but with these tools you can be sure that you'll be hitting the mark every time.